Homosexuality and HIV/AIDS, Case of the HIV Excellency Center, Lubumbashi University, DR Congo

Homosexuality is not accepted in most African countries. This is also the case of the DR Congo, in the African context dominated by the belief and practice of the religious morality and the customs of our venerated ancestors. The objective of this study is to demonstrate the vulnerability of men having sex with men (MSM) to HIV/AIDS in our area. An observation was conducted at the Excellency Center of Lubumbashi University, where four MSM from the open community have been followed up for two years. Their adherences to treatment, clinical and biological history, and their integration have been reviewed. It results that the majority of MSM is hiding behind bisexuality and only few of them openly self-identify as such and having access to available care services.


Katabwa Kabongo Joe, Kanyinda Emery, Makoy Erick, Marcel Kayembe, Tavele Shungu Junior, Nkokesha Kabongo and Wembo Nyama Stanis

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