Prevalence and Factors Associated with Positive Cryptococcal Antigenemia among HIV Infected Adult Hospitalized in Senegal

Background: Cryptoccocal meningitis is a major cause of death for HIV patients in subsaharan Africa. Screening of cryptococcal antigenemia in patients at risk allows early identification of asymptomatic or paucisymptomatic cases. This study aims to determine the prevalence of cryptococcal antigenemia and associated factors. Methods: We conducted a cross-sectional study reporting epidemiological, clinical and biological aspects of hospitalized patients during the study period. The serum antigen was measured by latex agglutination. Results: Fifty cases of positive cryptococcal antigenemia were confirmed for 541 HIV infected patients tested, giving a prevalence of 9.2%. Factors significantly associated to a positive cryptococcal antigenemia (p<0,05) were: having a history of cryptococcal cerebromeningitis and presenting at admission headache, altered consciousness or meningeal signs.


Noel M Manga, Viviane MP Cisse-Diallo, Ndeye M Dia-Badiane, Sylvie A Diop-Nyafouna, Desire ER Ngoma Yengo, Cheikh T Ndour, Papa S Sow, Yémou Dieng, Moussa Seydi and Pierre M Girard

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