The Real Theory of AIDS

Sergey Makarov*

Independent Researcher, Riga, Latvia

*Corresponding Author:
Sergey Makarov
Independent Researcher
Riga, Latvia
Email: [email protected]

Received date April 21, 2016; Accepted date June 20, 2016; Published date June 25, 2016

Citation: Makarov S. The Real Theory of AIDS. J HIV Retrovirus. 2016, 2:2.

Copyright: ©2016 Makarov S. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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In this article author describes his creation of the real theory of AIDS. The author reasonably believes: AIDS is not an infectious disease and he relates it to a special group of diseases - "diseases of chain reaction type”. According to the author, in medicine matured major revolutionary changes, in which the author is willing to participate in person.


Law of world harmony; AIDS, Human immune defence system; Parasitic program; T-helpers; Thymus gland; HIV


As well as jurisprudence, the medicine is a certain "sacred clan," in which outsiders simply not allowed. In many countries, there is even an official ban on any medical practice to those who have no formal medical education. I don't have any formal medical education, so I do not practice medicine. I am a scientist-theorist.

But we know from the history about many cases where people without medical education intruded into medical practice, and quite successfully. Jesus Christ, Helena Blavatsky, Edgar Cayce, Wolf Messing. Who and why allowed them to go into medicine and deal with real therapy of real people? The answer to this question you will not find anywhere. However, you can find some descriptions of their medical practice with only positive results.

A few words about Shamans: For those who feel "intuitive distrust" to shamanism, I want to give the result of observation of shamanic therapy and pharmacology of anthropologist Jeremy Narbi, who studied the healing practices of shamans in the Amazon during 10 years:

"Warlocks of autochthonous tribes of Amazonia - the very good therapists, they have a deep knowledge of pharmacology and never wrong". (See "Shamans are seeing the DNA of plants and animals" from the book № 1 "NEXUS in Russian" for 2008).

Here it means to be a "healer of God". No any medical diploma will be able to help a person of modern civilization to approach this perfection.

What is the reason for this phenomenon? Why, in spite of all the prohibitions in medicine there arise some "amateurs", who show the results, which significantly exceed those that can be achieved by the "certified professionals"? The reason for this is quite simple. The essence of whole the medicine is "therapy of organisms". But organisms - are biological objects which live and sicken for the objective laws of nature. These organisms do not know whether these laws are known to mankind, or they have not yet been opened. The official medicine - is the sum of knowledge collected by mankind, the sum of practice methods aimed at getting rid of people from various diseases. What the future doctor is studying? The knowledge, which are already known to mankind about various diseases. Is it possible to transfer the future physician the knowledge that humanity has not known? Of course you cannot do it. But such "unknown knowledge" certainly exists there! However, if they suddenly become the property of the "man without medical doctor's diploma", the society, of course, tends don't to believe such a person and trying to isolate him from all the medicine. But in vain!

Why nobody has forbidden such the above-mentioned "amateurs" (Jesus the Christ, Helena Blavatsky, Edgar Cayce, Wolf Messing) their medical practice? Yes, simply because they have been forced to treat such patients, which professionals considered as "hopeless." Medicine is not omnipotent! However, when all professionals are powerless, then appear the above-mentioned "amateurs", namely they solve the "unsolvable" for professionals problem... In this case for the patient himself is immaterial whether has or not a medical diploma the person who really delivered him from terrible disease.

Famous American virologist Robert Gallo has successfully "escorted to the grave" many thousands of AIDS patients (or those he considered diseased). Vadim Pokrovsky (MD, Professor, Head of the Laboratory of Epidemiology and AIDS Prevention Research Institute of Epidemiology and the Federal Scientific and Methodological Center for Prevention and Control of AIDS in Russia) successfully deals with AIDS for many years. What are his results? Back in 2000, at the devoted to the AIDS press conference, he stated bluntly: "the AIDS problem is not solved, and will not be solved" [1]. And it told us the leading expert on AIDS in Russia. I cannot imagine how he is not ashamed then receive his salary. And now proceed directly to AIDS.

Analysis of the Situation

In my opinion, AIDS - one of the rare diseases, for which was invented such simple and clear name. However, there all the entire clarity on this issue and ends. But there are some puzzles. AIDS is not subject to Koch's postulates! It immediately follows that it cannot be regarded as an infectious disease. To which a group of diseases it is necessary to add AIDS? It turns out that it cannot be added to any of known groups of diseases: it has no any material carrier. So to what professionals the fight against AIDS should be entrusted? It turns out that there are no such specialists. That's why for decades of years we are seeing how whole the AIDS scientific world is "walking in circles" and specialists are often just rewrite from each other various conclusions, many of which are very far from the truth.

Many experts (e.g. Vadim Pokrovsky) in the fight against AIDS is simply "given up" because they realized that their methods of research, their education, their experience is clearly not allow them to cope with the problem of AIDS. So what do you do next? If you look at the introduction to this article, you immediately realize that when professionals are given up, it's time to invite the "amateurs." My profession is "natural philosopher", I can insight into any problem, and the more I feel the resistance, the more increases my ability to overcome the problem - use it, people.

In my theory of AIDS, I bring not "vague discussions", but the very specific and easily verifiable things. The scientists must simply discard their medical and scientific ambitions, and do some direct tests of the statements, what I have already told them.

But, in practice, for many doctors of science not a science, but namely the ambitions are in the first place: how can they stoop to in order to verify the information of engineer Makarov. It is better let to die for following hundreds of thousands of people with AIDS... It is not the medicine, it's just a "business on the death", which is in contradiction even with the Hippocratic Oath.

Stages of the Big Way

In this section I want to focus your attention on the various stages through which I went in solving the problem of AIDS:

1. Opening of the universal law - the "Law of World Harmony" [2].

2. The use of the universal law to decipher the real working mechanism of the human immune defence system.

3. The use of the universal law to decipher the real working mechanism of AIDS.

4. Detailed description of the real mechanism of AIDS.

5. A description of the method of diagnosis of AIDS with the help of blood.

6. Bringing my theory of AIDS and its diagnosis to the scientific community.

Here I have to make a stop and with regret tell: I could not complete the implementation of the last item of this list. I have been working a lot on this point. Given the current development of computer technology, I have disseminated all my information through the Internet.

Among my correspondents - Academies of Sciences, newspapers, educational and medical research institutions, individual scientists in medicine and particularly in AIDS, some journalists... About my theory of AIDS I have already written about three thousand letters, with indicating specific, independent from me sources of information.

What's interesting: about the expounded question I got answers only from several correspondents - they thank me for my information. Most recipients simply do not respond to me. But there are also those from which I get the answer: "Your letter was deleted without being read." This is the most interesting phenomenon. If a response from a specialist on AIDS, it seems, the ambitions are in the first place for him, he does not believe anyone, except for himself.

If such a response comes from a journalist, it testifies to its extremely low professionalism: I give the real verifiable hyperlinks to leading journals in AIDS, which published my articles. If the experts of these journals agreed with me, if they printed my articles, how can a journalist do not agree and ignore such an article? This is just silly.

My Theory of AIDS

If you look at the title of this article, you will realize that to make the article completed, I have to give you, at least, a complete list of the provisions of my theory. This list probably will intersect with my previous articles, but the most important is result.

I will not give any evidence of my world priority in the treatment of AIDS, because I have already described it in detail and proved in my monographs [3,4].

There's also indicated: for the method of treating AIDS with the help of hyperthermia, I have the full world priority as of May 22, 1989. So, the main results of my research the following:

Operation of the immune defence system of the person is not in the destruction of foreign viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, etc., but in binding them by the specific program with special body protectors - lymphocytes, such as T-helper cells (CD4 lymphocytes is known), with the subsequent release of the product that regard from the body (e.g. in the form of diarrhoea).

AIDS develops as a result of working in a person's blood of parasitic program that does not have the material carrier.

Parasitic program replaces a program of the immune defence system of the person: it links the pairs of T-helper cells among themselves and sends them to waste.

Although the parasitic program is not visible in a microscope, its results (pair wise associated T-helper cells) are seen in a microscope, so their detection in the patient's blood allows reliably diagnose AIDS [5].

AIDS is transmitted between humans in the form of a chain reaction only through the path of living blood (usually it occurs in the vagina or rectum).

No viruses and bacteria in the emergence and spread of AIDS do not participate.

Full body hyperthermia to 42-44°C allows you to disconnect the paired T-helper cells (if they were not removed yet from the body), and return them to the body's defence. As a result, AIDS stops.

If the thymus gland in humans works well, it produces the Thelper cells in quantity, which is enough for "sustenance of the parasitic program" and for the fight against external infections. As a result, a person can live without any treatment for a long time.

If the thymus gland in human does not work well, any infection, any common cold can quickly drive a man to the grave.

According to the modern system of diseases classification, AIDS can not belong to any group. It belongs to an entirely new category - "diseases of chain reaction type" [5].


I am an independent researcher, for my work I did not receive any grants. I have no any companies and no co-authors behind me. However, such great breakthrough in the science - the solution of the AIDS problem - deserves, I think, some official recognition of humanity. We know from history: all of the major breakthroughs in science were made not by the "teams of scientists", but, namely, by single scientists: Einstein, Mendeleev, Maxwell, Faraday, Pavlov... Why now this is all forgotten?

Experiments of MD Chekurov (Moscow, Russia) [6] and of MD Suvernev (Novosibirsk, Russia) [7] on the application of hyperthermia against AIDS fully confirmed the validity of my theory. As I mentioned earlier: any viruses and any bacteria don't participate in the arising and spreading of AIDS. In this light, I consider as very strange the decision of the Nobel Committee of awarding the prize to someone per the discovery of HIV.

As HIV were not seen by anyone, even by his "discoverers" (what they publicly admitted), better not to talk about HIV at all.I have no doubt that namely my clear and practical theory will allow ending AIDS around the globe. Hopefully, it will happen in my lifetime.

The article "The Real Theory of AIDS" recently was published in Russian at the very serious medical site "The Medicine of Russian Federation" [8].


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